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Want to purchase your formerly PCBCart fabricated PCBs again? Our online Reorder feature allows you to purchase any of your previous order without tooling fee in seconds. Please kindly noted that no PCB design modification is accepted for reordering except for design updates on silkscreen layer & wiring layer. Otherwise, you have to place it as a new order at here.

Here're steps you can follow to reorder.

Step One: Login your PCBCart account. Go to My Order section under your Account. The following image is a screenshot of My Order.

Step Two: Locate the order you want to reorder using Part Number/Order Number/Purchase Number OR Ordering Date. The corresponding order will appear once you enter the search string. Take Part Number erwer for an example, below image will be the searching result.

Step Three: Move your mouse into term erwer and click to view order details. You will find a Reorder button at the bottom of the order detail webpage.

Step Four: Click Reorder button and you will be lead to online ordering form where you can change several features.

If you want the exactly same PCB as we did for you last time, please select Reorder & Nothing changed option at the Reorder Status section. If there's any update on your copper layer or silkscreen layer, please do select corresponding option - Reorder & update copper layer OR Reorder & update silkscreen layer. Then you should double check your circuit spec, change circuit board Material, Quantity, Thickness, Lead Time, Surface Finish, Copper Weight, Soldermask Color, Silkscreen Legend, Silkscreen Legend Color if you need. The following image shows reordering a previous order with Copper Layer & Quantity updated.

Step Five: Click ADD TO CART button to submit your order, follow our online instruction to place the order and check out.

Step Six: Once you have checked out, please send updated layer file to We'll review the file and schedule the production if everything is ok (not required if there's no change on PCB design file).

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