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PCBCART Full Turnkey Assembly Quote - Need to know

Our full turnkey assembly service is RoHS compliant and ISO9001 certified, we meet IPC Class 3 standards.

We have two lead times, general lead time and final lead time. The general lead time is the time for circuit boards assembly, it does not include parts procurement time. Usually it takes us 10 working days to stock your parts. While the final lead time is the total time we need to buy parts and assemble your boards. We will notify you these two lead time once your quotation has been confirmed.

Tell us your PCB assembly specifications:

per board BOM lines should be more than 0
per board SMT,Through-Hole,BGA/QFN/LCC should be non-zero
per board SMT,Through-Hole,BGA/QFN/LCC should be non-zero
per board SMD,Through-Hole,BGA/QFN/LCC should be non-zero
    This is Group One
  • Single side
  • Double sides
Please enter at least one quantity value

The above assembly labor cost does not comprise charges for special services including wire-bonding and conformal coating, or fees for assembling components which require special fixtures, such as PEM nuts, Turret Teminals and Press-Fit connectors.

For a precise quotation or to discuss your assembly service, please send us your PCB file, Bom file and assembly requirement using the following form.

Assembly File only zip,rar,xls,csv,word,txt accepted Template file
  • *BOM assembly file

  • *PCB Gerber file

  • XYData file(s)

  • Special requirement

If you want to reach us through email, please send your message to We will be in touch within 24 hours.

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