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2024 Holiday Calendar

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The following table shows China 2024 Holiday Calendar. Although this year PCBCart will be off duty only during Spring Festival Holiday and National Day Holiday, our partner logistics companies may be off duty on all Holidays. To avoid any delay, please check and schedule your PCB orders ahead of the holiday seasons. We'll inform upcoming holidays at pcbcart.com homepage 30 days in advance. Hopefully this helps to avoid or at least reduce the inconvenience.

Holiday Date Duration
New Year's Day 2023.12.30 - 2024.1.1 3 days
Spring Festival 2024.2.10 - 2024.2.17
(limited customer support service)
8 days
Tomb-sweeping Day 2024.4.4 1 day
Labor Day 2024.5.1 1 day
Dragon Boat Festival 2024.6.8 - 2024.6.10 3 days
Mid-autumn Festival 2024.9.17 1 day
National Day 2024.10.1 - 2024.10.7
(limited customer support service)
7 days

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