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Special Offers

PCBCart appreciates each order, no matter how large or how small. It's your trust in our services that drives us to keep abreast of emerging knowledge, master complex process technologies, and enhance service capacity. We strongly believe what we have achieved today cannot be separated from your trust. As a thank-you gift, we offer you the best quality PCB services at floor price which is much lower than that offered by other PCB manufacturers from United States or Europe. We regularly give special offers as a token of our appreciation for your continuing trust and business.

First Order Offer: Up to $800 Discount

PCB Fab: Up to $300 Discount

As a gesture of our appreciation for your willing to try our PCB Prototyping or custom PCB manufacturing services, we offer you:

20%, Up to $300 OFF Your First PCB Fab Order


• Use Coupon FOPCB when Checkout;

• Valid for your FIRST PCB fab order only;

• Standard FR4 PCBs only, invalid for special PCBs or assembly orders.

PCB Assembly: Up to $500 Discount

When it comes to PCB assembly, higher discount can be expected from your first turnkey PCBA order.

Directly $500 OFF Your First Turnkey PCBA Order


• Use Coupon FOPCBA when Checkout;

• Valid for your FIRST PCBA order only;

Referral Program

We appreciate our long-term clients especially those who have been with us since our establishment. Up to now, we've served so many new clients from frequent clients' referral. To show our gratitude, we're setting up a Referral Program to benefit both parties:

Refer a friend who has never ordered from us, both you two will get $50 OFF for your next PCB order (value up to $300) when he’s successfully placed order. Send us your friend's name and order ID using this contact form. We will evaulate the case and provide coupon code shortly. Do you happen to have a friend in need of PCB solutions? Refer him/her to us and get the $50 discount today!

Get $50 Discount for Your Next Order NOW


• Invalid with any other offers;

• Standard FR4 PCBs only, invalid for special PCBs or assembly orders.

Use Our Special Offers and Get Your High-Reliability PCBs Instantly!

Running for 14 years, PCBCart has won a 99%+ satisfaction rate from customers around the globe due to our rigorous quality control measures and constant tech innovations. PCBCart specializes in high-quality PCB solution generation, including PCB prototyping, PCB fab, and PCB assembly. PCBCart’s one-stop PCB assembly service provides you with such extreme ease that once an order is determined, you can just wait for your PCB products to arrive. Take advantage of our special offers by letting us fabricate your next PCBs.

Extreme Ease for YOU: Turnkey PCB Assembly

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