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    PCBCART is one of global key suppliers for high quality PCB fabrication and turnkey assembly services based in China. We have been providing affordable professional PCBs for 10+ years. We thrive for quality, we're committed to adhering to the strictest standards during production, procuring materials and components from authorized distributors.


    9000+ Customers from 80 countries


    Deliver 23000+
    different part number yearly


    Professional PCB
    products over 10 years

    PCB Prototype

    Quick-turn prototype PCB with low cost.Learn more

    Layers: 1-8

    Quantity: 5-100 pcs.

    Quality Grade: Standard IPC1

    Lead time: 2-9 days

    Material: FR4

    Standard PCB Fab

    Full feature FR4 PCB fabrication. Learn more

    Layers: 1-32

    Quantity: 1-1million pcs.

    Quality Grade: Standard IPC2

    Lead time: 2 days-5 weeks

    Material: FR4

    Advanced PCB Fab

    Complex PCBs leading to your applications’ best performance. Learn more

    Layers: 1-32

    Quantity: 1-1million pcs.

    Quality Grade: Standard IPC1

    Lead time: 12-15 days

    Type: Alu, Heavy Copper, Flex/Flex-rigid, HDI

    PCB AssemblyHot

    One-stop PCB assembly service.Learn more

    Fulfillment: Turnkey or consigned

    Quantity: 1-10,000+pcs.

    Quality Grade: IPC3

    Lead time: as short as 2 days

    Added-value: Flying probe, AOI, X-ray, SPI, ICT

    PCB Services

    Quality Assurance
    Customer Satisfaction
    Secure Transaction

    PCB Manufacturing Services

    PCBCart specializes in full-feature PCB production, including quick-turn Prototyped PCBs, Standard PCBs in volume and Advanced PCBs compatible with your unique requirement.
    • Instant Quote and Order
    • FREE DFM
    • Rigorous Quality Control
    • Full-feature PCBs covering FR4, Flexible, Flex-rigid, Aluminum, Rogers and many other types
    Lead time

    PCB Assembly Services

    As a global one-stop PCB assembly service supplier, PCBCart provides flexible combos, turnkey, consigned and any other type just to be compatible with your demands, NO Minimum Order requirement.
    • Online quote and order system
    • 100% AOI Test, X-ray, Flying Probe for quality control
    • Supported: SMT size 01005, 0201 or larger; Fine pitch 0.4mm or greater; BGA pitch 0.4mm or greater

    Special PCB Manufactured

    24-layer HDI PCB

    Layers: 24
    Finished thickness: 2.8 mm
    Min. annular ring: 4.53 mil
    Min. diameter via: 0.1 mm
    Size: 3.54 inch*2.75 inch
    Min. tracing/spacing: 5.2 mil/2.8 mil
    Surface finish: ENIG -electroless nickle/immersion gold
    - RoHS
    Technique characteristics: 24-layer PCB with high wiring
    density, fine lines and spacing, microvias and high
    connection pad density
    Application: Terminal communication products

    Heavy copper PCB

    Layers: 12
    Finished thickness: 3.0 mm
    Min. annular ring: 6.625 mil
    Min. diameter via: 0.3 mm
    Size: 5.19 inch*4.86 inch
    Min. tracing/spacing: 10 mil/9.75 mil
    Surface finish: ENIG -electroless nickle/immersion gold
    - RoHS
    Technique characteristics: 12-layer PCB with finished
    copper weight at 5.5OZ
    Application: High-power source module/ Heavy current
    industry-controlled devices

    Flex-Rigid PCB

    Layers: 6
    Finished thickness: 1.0 mm
    Min. annular ring: 3.5 mil
    Min. diameter via: 0.2 mm
    Size: 2.32 inch*2.28 inch
    Min. tracing/spacing: 10.0 mil/ 5.2 mil
    Surface finish: ENIG -electroless nickle/immersion gold
    - RoHS
    Technique characteristics: Multiple layer PCB made with
    combined material of both flex and rigid.
    Application: Terminal communication products, medical

    To find out more about PCBCART services or get an instant quotation for your custom PCB need, please visit www.pcbcart.com using desktop devices.

    Due to 14 years’ efforts and innovation in electronics manufacturing,
    PCBCart provides you with high-quality PCB fabrication and FLEXIBLE PCB assembly
    service to meet your unique requirement.


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