Full Service PCB Manufacturing

Full Service PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

Back to 2005 when we first started printed circuit boards manufacturing business, we' re only a small PCB fabricator serving a small group of clients. In the past 10 years, we have been improving full PCB manufacturing capabilities to ensure PCB fabrication to be our core competitive strength. Thanks to our continuous focus on PCB boards quality, manufacturing standards, price control and customer services, we have been regarded by international clients as the most preferred PCB solution provider from China. Up to now, we have served clients from military, aerospace, medical, commercial, mobile, communication to educational industries all over the world.

Certificated with ISO 9001:2008 and UL, we conform to rigorous and scientific manufacturing procedures in PCB making process. We are capable to provide quality guaranteed Prototype PCBs, Aluminum PCB, HDI PCB, Flexible PCB, Flex-rigid PCB, High-frequency PCB, Thick copper PCB, High-Tg PCB, etc.

Furthermore, RoHS-compliant certificate fully indicates our PCB fabrication capabilities in terms of environment-friendly products and technologies such as halogen-free PCBs and lead-free surface finishes like lead-free HASL and lead-free ENIG.

Moreover, we feature such a high capability of drilling that we can provide PCBs with blind and buried vias whose min. hole diameter can reach 0.2mm for mechanical drilling and 0.1mm for laser drilling. Plus, we are competent in via in pad technology and microvia manufacturing which play a key role in high-density PCBs under the pressure of limited space.

We conduct 100% inspection on each piece of bare printed circuit board prior to their entering warehouse or clients' projects. Up to now, we provide two methods for PCB electrical testing: bed of nails (fixture testing) and flying probe that are mainly responsible for measuring electrical aspects including shorts, opens, capacitance and resistance so as to ensure high reliability and high precision of our products.

Please feel free to check our custom PCB manufacturing capabilities by clicking corresponding hyperlinks. If your custom PCB projects require special operation which is not listed in our table, we're always available to discuss at tech@pcbcart.com.

How Can I Start My First PCB Project at PCBCart?

Can't wait to start your first project at PCBCart? Feel free to use our PCB Calculators to quote by yourself. Quote for Standard PCB Quote for PCB Prototype

If you require specialty PCBs such as Aluminum PCBs, HDI PCBs, Rogers PCBs, Flexible PCBs, etc., please email your PCB design file and requirements to sales@pcbcart.com, custom quotation will be provided at very short time.

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