Blind Via and Buried Via

Blind Via and Buried Via

Vias, that is, copper plated holes, play a key role in the interconnection between layers in a printed circuit board. Generally speaking, vias in PCBs can be classified into through-hole via, blind via and buried via. Blind vias and buried vias are widely applied in SMT (Surface Mount Technology) just to compensate for disadvantages of through-hole vias, they can be further classified into plugged via (copper or solder mask), plated via, staggered via etc. based on different processing measures.

through-hole via, blind via and buried via | PCBCart

Blind via connect one external layer and one or more inner layers in printed circuit board, responsible for interconnection between top layer and inner layers or bottom layer and inner layers.

Buried via connect only inner layers inside printed circuit board so that they are invisible just from the outer appearance of a PCB since they are internally "buried".

As blind/buried vias contribute to the density improvement of boards without the need to increase number of layers or board size, they are usually applied in HDI PCBs. Put in another way, they can be picked up when you suffer from tight requirement of limited space and through-hole hassles.

PCBCart Prints PCBs with Blind Vias and Buried Vias

Due to over 10 years' experience in this industry, PCBCart specializes in manufacturing PCBs with blind vias and buried vias. We're capable of providing both mechanically-drilled and laser-drilled solutions, and we have the capabilities to make via tented/covered with resin, via plugged/filled with resin and many other custom required vias. The following table shows design parameters on blind vias and buried vias manufactured by PCBCart:

Via pad, Via Diameter, Annular ring on Printed Circuit Board | PCBCart

Via Type Via Diameter
Via Diameter
Via Pad Annular Ring Aspect Ratio
Blind via (mechanical) 0.4mm 150μm 450μm 127μm 1:1
Blind via (laser) 0.1mm 100μm 254μm 150μm 1:1
Buried via (mechanical) 0.4mm 100μm 300μm 150μm 1:10
Buried via (laser) 0.4mm 100μm 225μm 150μm 1:12

Based on your project's demand that should depicted in detail through generating NC drill file, you can choose corresponding drill diameters in the items while getting quotations. Use our PCB price calculator to quote for your custom PCBs with blind vias or buried vias within seconds. Click the following button to enter calculation page, input circuit spec, click Additional Options and check Buried/Blind Vias option, then select Times of Buried/Blind Via, price will be automatically showed up in the right column.

Quote for FR4 PCBs with Blind/Buried vias

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