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Clients Testimonials

Here at PCBCart, we believe quality PCB services, client-focused services, on-time delivery and cost-effective pricing are what fulfill our clients' requests and keep them coming back to us. That's why we adhere and do our best to meet and exceed specific requirements of each and every one of our clients. We're proud to say that our dedication to excellence has helped us grow along with our customers and won many long-term clients. See what they say about our services.

PCBCart is the most excellent pcb vendor.

- Orest Fedan, The United States

This new Website its great and easy to use! I've working with PCBCart for more than 4 Years and the products quality have been always the best!

- Leonardo Moreno, Columbia

Please maintain you high-quality levels this is why I use your service. Some of your competitors have lower pricing, but also lower quality. This does not appeal to everyone.

- Torsten Tiedtke, Canada

Guys, you have a great service and superb quality, I am really impressed. After 15 years purchasing here and there I finally found a PCB house that is great. I always recomend you with other customers. Keep up the good work !!!!

- Procopio Villarreal, Mexico

I have had excellent service from PCBCart over the years. Your engineers have helped me and saved me many times.

- Robin Kjaldgaard, Canada

We chose PCBCart because they offer the entire service from producing the PCB through to ordering parts, assembling and testing. Compared with other manufactures, we appreciate PCBCart is really communicative during the whole production process. Possible issues are discussed and solved immediately. Hence, we received high quality PCBs with negligible reject rate. In the end PCBCart offers attractive prices, considering the offered services.

- Ulf Kulau, Germany

I am satisfied with your service. Compared with others PCB houses, your prices are cheap enough. The quality and time of delivery are good. When I have asked you any question, I have received the answer soon and when there were errors or doubts with the design, you have inquire me prior manufacture the boards.

- Víctor Manuel Sánchez Corbacho, Spain

I have always been quite satisfied with the excellent service I have received from PCBcart. My boards have always been done in the best quality and with very timely service & delivery. Also, I have always received the very best customer service from friendly people at PCBcart.

- Howard Constantine, USA

I think that you're a great, serious company, have good competitive prices, the work is precise and the best quality. I worked with you for very long time, I always was happy with the assistance I received, since 2007. I recommend you to anyone in electronics manufacturing field.

- Dr. Petrescu Tedy, Israel

I'm writing to you about my recent order for 100pcs assembled PCBs, I want to express my satisfaction with the high quality of your PCBs. I have already used 9pcs for one of my project, all of them worked perfectly. A big thank you for your excellent work. I will definitely be using your services for my next order.

- Ralph Klaassen, Australia

We have done couple of jobs with PCBCart in the past year including one small assembly and they came back flawless.

At this moment, we have quite a big order under manufacturing and assembly with them with high part count and dense MCU, etc. Quite excited to see how they do this time.

- Mehradzie, United States

I've using PCBCart from years, and they provided me with good quality, low-cost PCBs.

I'm assistant professor at a Spain University and I used PCBCart to manufacture students PCBs, and some research developments for my investigation projects. Also, as consultant for local industry, I used PCBCart for low volume production. In all cases, they offered very competitive prices, good quality. They always have met my requirements and deadlines. They've been very helpful, supportive and responsive when problems appeared in our designs.

Last year I used their PCB assembly service for first time, they operated smoothly in a short time at a very cheap price.

- Roberto Esper-Chacuten, Spain

I have just received the printed circuit boards and they are excellent. You are the best PCB manufacturer worldwide. Just want you to know that I will continue working with you because I am really satisfied.

- Luciano Curti, Argentina

We really appreciate you guys put this much effort to check and recheck our designs. This is a very old design and probably if you didn't check, we would have multiple issues.

- Mehrad Arashrad, Australia

I wanted to say thank you for the exceptional service and excellent quality. The support was excellent and I was very impressed with quality of the printed circuit boards I received. The price was also very reasonable.

- Elliot Hodge, Great Britain

The boards arrived at our lab, they look great! We performed mechanical fitup and electrical test in actual products, and found the quality of manufacture was excellent. Everything has performed as expected!

- Michael Vass, Canada

Thank you for checking all these as part of the design review. I'm happy to have partner like you that wants to ensure everything is correct for the job. I really appreciate it!

- Nemanja Stefanovic, United States

I have suggested others try you and they have also been very Happy with your work :)

- Illya Kuskoff, Australia

I received the circuit cards yesterday and have started checking them. I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the quality of the boards. The raw PCB quality is excellent and the part assembly (solder attachment, etc.) is absolutely superb. I am especially impressed with the attachment of the turrets. There is ample solder to ensure excellent mechanical integrity and the straightness of the turrets is perfect. I just want to say again how pleased I was with the customer service (your responsiveness to all my questions and concerns) and the quality of the board fabrication.

This was a small prototype run to ensure the design was good and to test out your board fabrication assemblies. Your company has passed the test and will be my production company for the project. I've got to finalize the design and manufacturing for some other parts of the project before I will be ready to place large production run orders. I will be back in touch in the future months as I prepare for production.

- Joel Johnson, Dubai

We have received the repaired parts yesterday and our production manager was amazed by the quality of the repair. He even asked me to ask you guys, how you did a repair this clean. He bets you did the whole boards again.

On top of that, our operations manager was very impressed and happy with how you guys dealt with this issue and rather than running us around, actually did a great job with the 10 samples and then the full repair. The whole process was faultless in implementation and also the workmanship.We are very pleased to work with you guys.

- Mehrad Arashrad, Australia

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