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Electronics Manufacturing
Electronics Manufacturing Services

Electronics Manufacturing Services

PCBCart, a China-based supplier of electronics manufacturing services (EMS). We specialize in assembly of high-tech systems and devices involved in industries of Medical Care, Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics, Industry, Power, Lightening, Automotive, Aerospace, IoT etc. delivered to OEM customers worldwide. Our full-scale services from co-designing and co-engineering, Prototyping, Electronics Manufacturing and Assembly, Box Build, System Integration, Supply Chain Management to NPI have helped global OEMs to increase their ROI.

Co-Designing and Co-Engineering

To meet OEM customers' requirement on excellent performance of electronic products, PCBCart has equipped with professional design team and engineering team who specialize in assisting customers for optimal balance between cost and performance so as to achieve the highest manufacturing efficiency.

We offer customers shortcut to the lowest manufacturing cost through making modifications on their design files without expected functions reduced. In order to guarantee unhindered manufacturing process in later stages, we carry out DFM/DFA check prior to automatic manufacturing line. Furthermore, our Valor DFM/DFA check system allows minimizing time for checking with OEM's products' time to market being the shortest. Time is money for OEM customers and we're fully aware of that.


PCBCart provides Quick Turn Prototyping service based on OEM's flexible demands. Either manual soldering or automatic soldering can be picked up on customers' prototyping services as long as it is desired in accordance with products' priority degree and OEM's efficiency concerns. We've been proficient in turning concept into genuine products at a high speed with customers' ideas accurately explained and released.


Manufacturing in PCBCart conforms to regulations and standard of ISO9001:2008 and IPC. During the whole process of electronic manufacturing, Valor MSS (Manufacturing System Solution) is leveraged in PCBCart for optimal performance of all advanced manufacturing technologies with defects minimized and efficiency maximized. Our electronic manufacturing mainly contains PCB Fabrication, Electronic Assembly, System Integration and Test, Box Build etc.

• PCB Fabrication

Starting from PCB fabrication business at the very beginning of company's birth, PCBCart has set up a solid foundation on electronics manufacturing. We have rich experience in fabricating FR4 PCBs, Flex/Flex-Rigid PCBs, Aluminum PCBs, Metal Core PCBs (MCPCBs), HDI PCBs, High-Frequency PCBs, High-Tg PCBs, Thick Copper PCBs and many other advanced PCB products. All the PCB boards are compatible with higher requirement laid by speical applications in terms of running speed, function implementations or extreme environment.

Apart from pure standard PCBs and advanced PCBs, PCBCart has the abilities to manufacture highly-mixed PCBs such as flexible PCBs laminated with FR4 for much higher application demands. Our PCBmanufacturing capabilities include:
a). Blind/Buried Vias or Microvias
b). Via in Pad
c). Countersink/Counterbore Hole
d). Half-cut/Castellated Hole
e). Gold Fingers
f). Edge Plating
g). Kapton Tape
h). RoHS Compatibility

• Electronic Assembly

PCBCart is capable of implementing one-stop automatic electronic assembly service ranging from solder paste printing, components mounting, reflow soldering to test inspection. We offer prototype assembly, low volume high mix assembly and mid/high volume assembly options to be compatible with OEM's demands at different levels.

To provide timely and reliable assembly services to original equipment manufacturers, we've equipped with Samsung high-speed chip mounters, GKG printer, lead-free reflow oven, high-resolution AOI and AXI, and 3D SPI to better serve their logistics demands and fulfillment. Furthermore, along assembly manufacturing line, groups of professional engineers and staff observe and monitor completion of each production phase for instant quality verification.

Detailed assembly capabilities of PCBCart are summarized into the following table:

Items Capability
Quality Grade Standard IPC 3
Assembly Type SMT, PTH, Single/Double-Sided Assembly, POP and Press Fit
Solder Type Wave Solder, Reflow Solder (lead-free)
Component Type SMD 01005 or larger
BGA 0.4mm pitch
WLCSP 0.35mm pitch
PCB Size Max: 500mm*450mm, Min: 30mm*30mm
(Panels for smaller sizes)
Other Techniques Flying Probe Test, IC Programming, Function Test

• System Integration and Test

In spite of the availability of so many manufacturing stages, PCBCart still keeps the performance of final products in mind all the time, making all the phases integrated into organic systems. To acquire optimal system integration, our engineers carry out professional discussions around thermal management, structural analysis and IC programming to capture linear monitoring and optimization.

Test and inspections are essential methods to testify performance of electronic products. During design phase, our engineers will optimize customers' design files for the aim of Design for Test (DFT) so that custom function test can be smoothly carried out in later phase.

To guarantee top quality of our electronics products, we offer many different inspection methods. The commonly-used inspections applied along assembly manufacturing line contain visual inspection, Automatic Optical Inspection and Automated X-ray Inspection. Visual inspection is completed by well-trained manufacturing staff for defects catching in terms of appearance such as solder paste printing quality and components placement.

• Quality Control

Quality is the blood of an electronics manufacturing company so quality control has been covered during all stages of electronics manufacturing process. As an EMS solution provider serving industries of aerospace and medical care, quality control can never be neglected. For in-process quality control, completion of each phase has to go over rigorous inspections and once defects are observed, rework or modification will be immediately carried out. For after-process quality control, it depends on advanced inspection equipment, such as X-ray inspection so that hidden defects can be exposed prior to packaging and delivery. We're fully ISO9001:2008, UL and RoHS certificated. You may find our certificates here.

Box Build

World's best known OEMs make requests on both external appearance and internal functions. PCBCart's specialized design team concentrates on providing intricate and neat cabinet modeling based on products' application environment and specific requirement on final product's weight and size. Box build is also associated with material selection and PCBCart prepares all kinds of box materials for products ranging from plastics, stainless steel, mild steel and other metals.

All types of OEM electronics equipment are allowed to expect for advanced plastic enclosures from PCBCart as "houses" compatible with their requirement on shape, size and application environment. To obtain high-quality molding, PCBCart implements punching for electronics manufacturing facility based on OEMs' design files and specific market demands.

Supply Chain Management

As a one-stop electronics manufacturer, PCBCart performs professionally in supply chain management because it is directly associated with quality guarantee and smooth manufacturing. We specialize in components sourcing from authorized component manufacturers or distributors and each single component has to go through standard inspections before they get involved in manufacturing line.

For long-standing partners who won't end up using electronic components at one-time assembly, component storage service takes off. We store components for customers in professional component cabinet with strictly-set temperature and humidity so that top quality will be maintained in the next assembly.


New Product Introduction (NPI) is the most effective method to flourish creative ideas and quickly convert them into reality, winning benefit in time. Among all the elements ensuring your first-time success in NPI, the first lies in a reliable contract manufacturer. When confronted with customers' requirement and eagerness to win benefit, we fully know where to begin and will react at a high speed in terms of co-designing, prototyping, test and inspection, box build and marketing so that end-to-end products will be instantly manufactured and improve OEM's ROI at the largest extent.

Reach PCBCart to Discuss Your Electronic Manufacturing Requirements

Need Electronic Manufacturing Service? PCBCart is happy to help. You may share project details and specific requirements with our salesperson. We will get back to you with solution and quotation at top speed.

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