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First Article

We are fully aware of the significance of time and accuracy to you, which is why we committed ourselves to double confirming your circuit design file before PCB manufacturing and quickly discussing with you when there's any concern or questions on your printed circuit boards during production.

Although Free DFM & DFA check will be applied before circuit boards assembly, possible issues might occur during the PCB assembly process. In order to save you time and increase correctness of your mass products at a low cost, we offer first article inspection and approval service.

First Article Inspection (FAI)

FAI is carried out on first one of two completed boards prior to volume production so that errors can be found, modified and stopped from flooding among mass products timely.

Owing to inspection capabilities with the application of flying probe, AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) and AXI (Automated X-ray Inspection), our inspection items range from materials, technologies, manufacturing, quality to equipment. Detailed items are listed below:

• Materials

  • 1). Quantity
  • 2). Quality

• Technologies

  • 1). SMT procedure
  • 2). Stencils
  • 3). Polarity
  • 4). Soldering
  • 5). Solder joints

• Manufacturing

  • 1). Printing
  • 2). Placement
  • 3). Reflow soldering
  • 4). PTH placement

• Quality

  • 1). Package

• Equipment

  • 1).Printing and mounting station

Once FAI is finished, we'll provide corresponding inspection report for first article circuit board. Our engineers will come up with suggestions on how to deal with errors so as to make sure your PCB design characteristics can totally comply with the performance of products and projects.

First Article Approval

Once first article circuit board comes out, you have 2 options to implement their first article approval:

Option 1: For basic check and inspection, we can email you images of first article board.

Option 2: If you require more accurate inspection, we can ship the first article board to you so that you can carry out inspection in your own workshop.

No matter which method for approval, it is a good idea that you come up with first article inspection requirement during quotation to save time and increase efficiency. Moreover, our engineers will surely make timely adjustments so as to ensure the remaining build time and quality of products.

Have Your PCB Assembled With Confidence - Use Our First Article Inspection

With PCBCart' First Article Inspection option, you can move forward to mass PCB Assembly production with confidence. Curious about how much PCBCart charges for custom PCB Assembly? Just click the button below to submit a quote request. We will give the PCBA price within 1-2 working days.

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