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PCB Prototype

Quick-turn prototype PCB with low cost.read more

Layers: 1-8

Quantity: 5-1000 pcs.

Quality Grade: Standard IPC 2

Lead time: 2-9 days

Material: FR4

Standard PCB Fab

Full feature FR4 PCB fabrication.
read more

Layers: 1-32

Quantity: 1-1million pcs.

Quality Grade: Standard IPC2

Lead time: 2 days-5 weeks

Material: FR4

Advanced PCB Fab

Complex PCBs leading to your applica-tions’ best performance. read more

Layers: 1-32

Quantity: 1-1million pcs.

Quality Grade: Standard IPC3

Lead time: 12-15 days

Type: Flex, Rogers, Alu, etc.

PCB AssemblyHOT

One-stop PCB assembly service.
read more

Fulfillment: Turnkey or consigned

Quantity: 1-10,000+pcs.

Quality Grade: IPC3

Lead time: as short as 2 days

Other: AOI. X-ray SPI, ICT

PCB Services

pcbcart PCB Manufacturing
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PCB Manufacturing

PCBCart offers full-feature PCB
production services with high reliability
to be totally compatible with your requirement.Business covers rigid FR4
PCBs, HDI PCBs, FPC, Aluminum PCBs, Rogers PCBs, etc. Learn More
  • Expanded manufacturing capabilities
  • Rigorous quality control options
  • Value-added options: FREE DFM and more
  • Online quote and order system
pcb assembly services
Lead time

PCB Assembly

Covering PCB fabrication, parts sourcing, SMT and/or THT assembly, PCBCart’s one-stop turnkey PCBA services can be flexibly combined to meet your project’s scope, quality, schedule and budget needs. Learn More
  • 01005, 0201, 0.4mm pitch BGA
  • AOI, X-ray, FAI, Flying probe
  • Certified components sourcing
  • Box build assembly, IC programming

Advanced PCB Fab Capability

pcbcart Flex-Rigid PCB

Flex-Rigid PCB

Layers: 6             Application: Medical
Board thickness: 1.0mm
Min. annular ring: 3.5mil
Min. via diameter: 0.2mm
Board size: 2.32×2.28inch
Min. trace/space: 10/5.2mil
Surface finish: ENIG (RoHS)
pcbcart Flex-Rigid PCB

Heavy copper PCB

Layers: 12             Copper weight: 5.5oz
Board thickness: 3.0mm
Min. annular ring: 6.625mil
Min. via diameter: 0.3mm
Board size: 5.19×4.86inch
Surface finish: ENIG (RoHS)
Application: Industrial control
Min. trace/space: 10/9.75mil
pcbcart Flex-Rigid PCB

24-layer HDI PCB

Layers: 24             Board thickness: 2.8mm
Min. annular ring: 4.53mil
Min. via diameter: 0.1mm
Board size: 3.54×2.75inch
Min. trace/space: 5.2/2.8mil
Surface finish: ENIG (RoHS)
Application: Communication

Thanks to 10+ years of effort and innovation in advanced PCB board making, PCBCart has become one of the leading printed circuit board manufacturers in China. We proudly provide you with high-quality PCB services that meet your unique requirements.


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