PCB Pre-order Checklist

Information Needed to Get A Round PCB Quotation

To avoid any unnecessary delays during your PCB order process and manufacturing, please make sure you have well prepared the following information prior to requesting quotation or placing orders:

  • • Layer count
  • • Board thickness
  • • Board dimensions
  • • Copper thickness/weight
  • • Minimum tracing/spacing
  • • Minimum hole size
  • • Minimum annular ring
  • • Surface finish
  • • Soldermask and color
  • • Silkscreen legend and color
  • • Drill file (include NC Excellon drill file and drill tool list)

Note: The specifications that you provide on the online order form, such as board thickness, copper thickness, solder mask, silkscreen, etc., will be used to determine the board specifications. Other additional specification files you provide, such as specification documents or readme files, will be ignored.

We're capable to do single unit PCB or PCB Panels based on your requirements. A panel is an array of several small single units that are connected to form a larger single board. The different units are joined using V-scoring or tab connections. If you select the "Panel" option while quoting online, please input the dimension required for the full panel instead of single unit dimension.

Requirements on PCB Files

We prefer PCB files in Gerber RS-274X format, files in *.PCB/DDB (Protel, please inform your Protel program version) and *.BRD (Eagle) formats are also acceptable. If you convert a file to RS-274X format, please ensure you include the following files:

  • • Positive Gerber layers: Top and bottom (more inner layers for multilayer boards)
  • • Aperture/Dcode file (if not RS274X)
  • • NC Excellon Drill file
  • • Drill Tool list (if not listed in NC Drill file)
  • • Soldermask
  • • Silkscreen

Note: For drill information, please provide an NC "Excellon Drill File" and a "Drill Tool List". Make sure you do not omit the Drill Tool List.

If you want us to make PCBs, source components and assemble PCBs all under one roof, then we need PCB design file and BOM. We recommend you download our BOM template and fill in your required electronic components info accordingly, it helps to speed up our quote process.

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