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Box Build Assembly

As a global Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) supplier, PCBCart has been playing an active and competent role in the whole process from PCB production, component sourcing, PCB assemblies, and testing to electronic products packaging and shipping in order to focus on clients' specific needs.

Box Build Assembly Services

Box build assembly covers such a wide range of items that it differs each time when required by different people. It can be either as simple as putting electronic systems into simple enclosures with interfaces or displays or as complicated as system integrations containing thousands of individual components or sub assemblies. In one word, products after box build assembly can be directly sent for sale.

Box Build Assembly Capabilities

Compatible with guidelines of ISO9001, IATF16949, RoHS and UL certificates, we offer turnkey and custom box build assembly products and services, including:

  • • Cable assemblies;

  • • Wiring harnesses;

  • • High level integration and assembly of high mix, high complexity products;

  • • Electro-mechanical assemblies;

  • • Low-cost and high-quality component sourcing;

  • • Environmental testing and functional test;

  • • Custom Packaging

PCB Assembly

Owing to our longstanding innovation and constant growing crafts, we provide turnkey PCB assembly and consignment PCB assembly services with high quality and short lead time. Our engineers and workers perform professionally and proficiently in terms of both thru-hole technology (THT) assembly and Surface Mount Technology (SMT) assembly.


More than a decade's cooperative partnership with renowned and qualified component manufacturer allows us to be competent in component procurement at a high speed and competitive prices, which enables customers to quickly and reliably embrace their products.

Testing Solutions

Testing is a key element in judging the reliability of electronic products. We offer comprehensive testing and inspection solutions containing ICT, flying probe, Automated/Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) test and Automated/Automatic X-ray Inspection (AXI) test so as to guarantee the surprising performance of products before their leaving plants.

Whether your design requires a simple, straightforward box build or a more complex assembly, we have the expertise, equipment and experience to meet your needs. For detailed information, don't hesitate to reach us here containing your demands and issues, we'll be instantly available for you.

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