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Assembly Equipments

At PCBCart, we pride ourselves on being a full-service, turnkey solution that can not only help you with the design and manufacture of your printed circuit boards, but also take you all the way through the assembly process. We can do that due to our significant investment in the best PCB assembly equipment we can find.

You'll enjoy high-quality PCB fabrication and assembly services from PCBCart due to our rigorous PCB manufacturing standards, regulations in manufacturing processes and our PCB assembly equipment's high degree of accuracy. Our PCB assembly process adheres to manufacturing requirements of IPC-610D, JSTD-020C, JSTD-005 and JSTD22-B117. Some equipment is shown in the table below.

Equipment Function Model Features
Solder paste printing G5 Accuracy: ±0.025mm
Max. speed: 150mm/sec
PCB max. area: 400*310mm
PCB thickness: 0.2-6mm
Surface mount placement SM421 Accuracy: ±0.03mm
Speed: 0.17sec/pc
PCB max. area: 600*400mm
Available part: 0201 chip to 35*35mm
SM471 Accuracy: ±0.05mm
Speed: 0.048sec/pc
PCB max. area: 510*640mm
Available part: 0402 chips to 14mm(H 12mm)
NPM-W2 Placement accuracy(Cpk1): ±0.04 mm for 0402, 0603, 1005 chips; ±0.03 mm for 03015, 0402, 0603, 1005 chips;
Max. speed: 0.094s/chip
PCB max. area: 750*550mm
Component dimensions (mm): 03015 chip ~ 6*6(H 3mm); 0402 chip ~ 12*12(H 6.5mm); 0603 chip ~ 120*90 or 150*25(H 30mm)
Reflow NS800II Nitrogen source: external
PCB max. size: 400mm
Temperature accuracy: ±4°C
Zones: 8
Lead free compatible
AOI ALD515 Accuracy: ±0.0024mm
Speed: 5in² /sec (60FOV/sec)
PCB max. area: 400*330mm
Available component: 0201 chip and fine pitch
V-cutting 400 Accuracy: ±0.25mm
PCB max. size: 400mm
Cleaning FR-1054 PCB max. area: 400*300mm
X-ray inspection VIEW X2000 BGA void
Solderability inner shielding
BGA rework ZM-R6810 Nitrogen source: NA
PCB max. size: 350mm
Temperature accuracy: ±1°C
Lead free compatible
Wave solder GSD-WD300T Nitrogen source: external
PCB max. size: 400mm
Temperature accuracy: ±1°C
Lead free compatible
JADE MK II PCB max. size: 457*508mm
Applicators: 1.5 ~ 25mm
Solder: Most commonly used solder types – including lead-free
Repeatability: ±0.05mm
3DSPI InSPIre 510B PCB max. size: 510*505mm (board);480*490mm (inspection area)
Inspection Items: volume, area, height, X-Y offest, shape
Defects: missing, bridging, excess/insufficient solder
Minimum component: 01005

Types of Equipment PCBCart Uses for PCB Assembly

Our PCB assembly equipment includes machines for AOI, BGA rework, cleaning, reflow, solder paste printing, surface mount placement, V-cutting, wave solder and X-ray inspection. Because we only use state-of-the-art PCB assembly equipment, we can design our printed circuit boards to your specifications with a very high degree of accuracy, even at higher or lower than standard temperatures.

Variety when it comes to shape, type of material, size or other special PCB needs is no problem for our technicians or the equipment they have at their disposal for printed circuit board assembly.

How Can PCBCart Help With Your Custom Project?

Thanks to these modern assembly machines, you'll enjoy high-quality printed circuit boards from PCBCart. We specialize in offering a variety of useful services for your printed circuit board assembly, including:
• RoHS compliant lead-free assembly
• Non-RoHS assembly
• Conformal coating
• Prototype assembly
• Low-volume assembly
• Consigned assembly
• Full turnkey assembly

Our complete range of assembly services means we can almost certainly meet the PCB assembly needs of your particular company, which in turn means you won't have to look elsewhere for the assembly of your printed circuit boards, saving you unimaginable time, money and logistical headaches.

Interested in getting more information about how PCBCart can help turn your circuit design into functional PCBs? Check out our full PCB Assembly Capabilities to learn more.

Why Is PCBCart Printed Circuit Board Assembly Good for Your Project?

Companies that specialize in printed circuit board design or manufacture often don't do PCB assembly at all. Those that do may offer it as an afterthought, an extra service they don't necessarily dedicate a lot of resources to. This means you may not get the best or the fastest assembly possible for the price.

If you take your board to a company that specializes in design, you may get a quality plan, but you will have to deal with the logistics and time lost in getting your boards to the new company for assembly, to say nothing of the extra cost.

Using PCBCart means you have a one-stop shop for your PCB project. We have the resources to give you a great design, manufacture and assembly. So, you save time, money and hassle without worrying about any loss in the quality of your project by letting PCBCart take care of everything for you.

Let PCBCart Put Our Top-of-the-Line PCB Assembly Equipment to Work for You Today

It may seem hard to believe that we can do it all so well, but we have countless satisfied companies who are happy to back up our claims.

To learn more about how PCBCart and our reliable printed circuit board assembly equipment can help you with all your printed circuit board project needs, get in touch with us today. For a quote on PCB Assembly for your current project, submit your information to us by clicking below button right now. We'll get back to you with an estimate of your PCB assembly cost within two working days.

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