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Over 10 years in serving worldwide companies with custom circuit assembly services in various quality and quantity requirements, PCBCart is fully capable of offering unbeatable turnkey PCB Assembly services in high-volume up to 10,000,000 while keeping total price within your budget.

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Conforming to a complete work flow guidelines ranging from PCB fabrication, components procurement, PCB assembly, testing and inspection, to packaging and shipping, our goal lies in productivity maximizing and delivery intervals minimizing. To achieve that, we hire a group of professional veteran engineers doing pre-order PCB design consultation to guarantee your design is fully manufacturable, and a team of highly skilled production staff to ensure a smooth and effective production process. Additionally, we posses multiple automated surface mount technology (SMT) assembly lines together with up-to-date equipment including several Pick and Place Machines (SM421, SM471, etc.) & two AOI machines.

Advanced equipment and elite technician team not only improve our PCB production process but also lead us to high capabilities in terms of SMT packages and component varieties. We are improving our manufacturing capabilities every day, and will be able to mount more precision components in futrue days. Currently, we perform well in BGA (Ball Grid Array), CSP (Chip Scale Packaging), Flip Chip, 0201 and 01005 chip device and other packages.

A Quality Guarantee in High-Volume Assembly Service

In PCBCart, quality should never be compromised whether for prototype, low-to-middle volume or high-volume project. We run Design for manufacturability (DFM) check on all PCB Assembly projects to see if your design is all good for manufacturing. Any issue or questions will be discussed at top speed before moving forward to production. We adhere to the strictest quality standards and follow rigorous manufacturing procesures during the whole produciton process to reduce the possibilities of manufacturing low quality PC boards as much as we can. Prior to packaging and shipping, each board will be tested and inspected through AOI Test and/or AXI Test. We're also open to custom function tests. All of above operations are our response to a marketplace in demand of superior products and performance.

High-Volume Assembly Service with Economical Prices

We understand your priority concern on selecting PCB Manufacturer lies in quality and prices. To satisfy your needs and benefit both parties, we constantly in search for ways to achieve a perfect balance between price-quality-service. You have our words that our price is the best overall price for the same level of superior manufacturing service & high quality PCB products you can get from other manufacturers.

Feel Free to Discuss Your PCB Assembly Project

Looking for a relibale PCB Assembly House to take your high-volume order? We're here to discuss your project and provide practical yet cost-effective production solutions. Pre-order consultation and quotation is always free and welcomed. To save time, please click the following button and submit your circuit spec, upload PCB files and BOM, we'll evaluate your needs and reply at our top speed.

Request for High Volume PCB Assembly Quote

Tips to expedite your quote:
• Read our preorder checklist and download our BOM template. You can prepare files accordingly.
• Compare your files with our ultimate capacity of circuit spacing requirement, part polarity, and footprint or package before submitting RFQ. Make sure your project requirement is within our capabilities.
• If you prefer reaching our salesman to discuss project possibilities first, we can be found here.

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