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PCB Expedited Service

The development of manufacturing technologies and evolution of fabrication process allow PCB manufacturers to print custom designed PCBs within days. While our regular turnaround time for printed circuit boards is fast and above standard for the industry, we understand that there are times when just fast isn't fast enough. By offering PCB expedited service, we ensure you meet all deadlines (even when your schedule suddenly tightens up) and get quick turn PCBs with time to spare.

Standard PCB Lead time

Lead time, at PCBCart, refers to the time for PCB fabrication. It's counted from the second day following order payment receipt and file confirmation (holidays and weekends are not included).

Generally speaking, our lead time depends on the PCB design's complexity and your custom requirements. We can manufacture a large quantity of circuit boards within 5-12 working days. If you're in no particular hurry to get printed circuit boards and would like to reduce costs, just choose a more generous lead time. If you need your printed circuit boards as soon as possible, choose a lead time on the shorter end. Please refer to the following table for detailed info. You may select your desired lead time when quoting online, we'll calculate the PCB cost based on your required lead time accordingly.

PCB Manufacturing Leadtime | PCBCart

Quick Turn PCB Services

PCBCart offers quick turn PCB prototypes service starts from 4 working days. If you have a PCB emergency and need quick prototype circuit boards, just click the following button to submit the PCB prototype demand. We will move forward to prototype circuit boards very quickly.

Get PCB Prototype Price Within Seconds

Choosing PCBCart with PCB quick turn is a great choice. We provide complete fabrication and assembly for a variety of PCB types, including thick copper PCB, flexible PCB, high-TG PCB and more. We manufacture all prototype circuit boards under ISO 9001:2008 UL standards and certifications, you can rely on our printed circuit boards to stand up to tough conditions and do the job right. And even though your quick turn circuits come fast, you don't sacrifice quality.

PCB Expedited Service

Considering some projects demand a much shorter schedule, especially when you spend too much time on the PCB design or engineering stage and need to catch up with the production, we offer PCB Expedited Service (starts from 48 hours, rush fee will be charged) to help you meet the deadline. We're capable of printing PCB boards with the same high quality as we promise on our Standard PCBs.

Using PCBCart with PCB Expedited Service is an ideal way to save time and be more efficient when ordering printed circuit boards for project with tight time schedule. Since we do both fabrication and assembly in-house, you can get your boards quickly and easily.

Require an urgent PCB order? Feel free to send your Gerber file and requirement on quantity and lead time to our salesperson using this form. We will inform the price shortly!

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