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PCBCart has been implementing circuit boards fabrication procedures stringently conforming to IPC-compliant guidelines and regulations in order to ensure their highest reliability and best performance in our clients' projects. Therefore, we have to cater to tight tolerances in PCB manufacturing process.

Specific tolerances for each detail of PCB printing are listed in the following tables.

Via (finished) Diameter Tolerances

Via Type Via Diameter Tolerance
(Plated Thru-hole)
≤0.8mm ±0.08mm
>0.8mm, <2.5mm ±0.1mm
>2.5mm, ≤6.3mm ±0.15mm
>6.3mm ±0.2mm
(Non-plated Thru-hole)
≤0.8mm, >0.8mm, ≤6.3mm ±0.05mm
>6.3mm ±0.2mm
Paper based PCB ≤0.8mm ±0.1mm
>0.8mm ±0.2mm
PTH slots <10.0mm ±0.2mm
≥10.0mm ±0.3mm
NPTH slots <10.0mm ±0.15mm
≥10.0mm ±0.2mm

Board-dimensional Tolerances

Dimension Range Tolerance
Board thickness
≤1.0mm ±0.10mm
≤1.6mm, >1.0mm ±0.14mm
≤2.0mm, >1.6mm ±0.18mm
≤2.4mm, >2.0mm ±0.22mm
≤3.0mm, >2.4mm ±0.25mm
>3.0mm ±10%
Lamination thickness / ±8%
Board size (finished) / ±0.1mm-±0.3mm

Mechanical Manufacturing Tolerances

Item Specific Aspect Tolerance
Hole location
Drilling ±0.18mm
Milling ±0.15mm
V-cut V-cut remain thickness ±0.1mm
Bevelling Bevelling angle ±5°
Edge milling Ordinary parts ±0.13mm-±0.4mm
Internal slot ±0.20mm
Card slot ±0.15mm
Depth ±0.20mm
Angle ±5°

Note: Tolerances listed in tables below belong to standard category, they don't remain unchanged or fixed forever. PCBCart can meet tighter tolerances due to higher requirements on your custom PCB projects. Just tell us your special requirements here, we'll provide a practical solution very quickly.

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