Why more and more customers choose PCBA one-stop service

More and more customers asked whether their supplier can provide PCBA one-stop service.Many of them used to purchase PCB circuit boards and components separately only after these two kinds were found.

So here are the reason why more and more customers choose PCB + electronic components one-stop procurement service.

First: The component sales channels are networked, and prices tend to be transparent.

At present, the entire component sales network is actually available. Any one of the materials can be found by entering the online model number, how much money, the manufacturer’s production, and whether there is inventory, the whole process is actually very simple. If the company purchases by itself, then someone needs to understand it, and ask the component supplier if it is genuine and when it can ship. But the final material may be the same as the price of the supplier. The end result is to spend more money and do the same thing.

Second: labor costs are rising, and costs are reduced to deal with uncertainty.

In the face of the instability of the current form, we can really feel that orders have not actually increased, and correspondingly they are decreasing. In the case that the order has not increased, the labor cost is definitely not possible to reduce now, so the order is reduced, if I can do things well within the scope of the cost, there is no need to spend more labor costs. The entire PCBA one-stop service can include the entire budget, the price is controllable, and there will be no other expenses. Reduce uncertainty.

Third: leave professional matters to a more professional team.

Compared with general solution companies, because there is no specific back-end production process involved, there may not be much knowledge about the current price trends of PCB circuit boards and components, and the new SMT technology. But PCBA manufacturers are intersecting with these back-end processes every day. What kind of board material is used in what industry, what kind of solder paste is used for what kind of solder joints. The engineers on the PCBA processing plant know everything well. The most important point is that PCBA manufacturers have many customers and the demand for component procurement is also great. Correspondingly, you can get more access to terminal channels, so you can get more goods, the price will definitely be lower, and the quality will definitely be more guaranteed. After all, terminal distributors do not want to lose a major customer. If you purchase from a company, you may not reach the minimum quota of others.

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