Since China’s National Day is approaching, we’d like to inform you that we’ll have an eight-day holiday from Sep. 29th to Oct. 6th (GMT+8) during which your question or email may not be replied immediately. However, quotation or orders can be submitted online as usual.

In order not to get your manufacturing efficiency reduced, we strongly suggest you submit quotation or order in advance so that manufacturing can be done or started at least before our public holiday. We’ll be back at your service on Oct 7th.

For PCB orders, please kindly calculate the lead date before you place the order. Some orders cannot be finished before our holiday and will be delayed to October.

PCBCart Team

Sept 15th, 2023

+86-571-89730990, +86-571-89730991 [email protected],[email protected]

Payment Options of PCBCart

Here are PCBCart, we currently accept payment released using the following methods. Please choose the payment method best fit for your needs:

  • • PayPal
  • • Wire transfer
  • • Credit account (approval required in advance)
  • Note: Western Union Option is not accepted at this moment.

We offer credit accounts with 30-day payment terms to clients who have ordered on a frequent basis over a period of six months or more. Reach our salesman if you want to apply for a credit account. We'll evaluate your order history and get back to you with an affirmative very quickly.

Order process only begins once full payment have been received unless you have an open account. One thing worth mentioning is that our lead time is counted from the second day when full payment is arrived and your PCB design file is confirmed good for manufacturing.

Payments released through PayPal will be confirmed instantly. It might take a while for payment confirmation if you use the Wire Transfer option. If you send us proof of your payment, we probably can arrange PCB production first. But it's for sure that we will dispatch your circuit boards after the receipt of payment has been confirmed.

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