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PCB Layout

PCB design file is the only bridge connecting PCB design and PCB manufacturer. After all, it’s ridiculous to expect your contract PCB manufacturer to be a polyglot. PCB layout is referred to as a process translating your novel idea into a blueprint depicted by “manufacturing” language. As a company serving global electronics industry for more than 10 years, PCBCart provides one-stop electronic manufacturing service which starts from PCB layout.

PCB Layout Capabilities
Max Layer Count40
Min Tracing/Spacing (HDI)3mil/3mil
Max Pin Count60000
Min BGA Pin Spacing0.3mm
Max BGA Pin Count2500
Max Signal Design Rate12G
Min Aperture3mil

Apart from the items listed above, PCBCart layout team is also specialized in advanced PCB design and layout. For example, in terms of HDI PCB , layout items cover blind/buried vias, via in pad, and embedded capacitor/resistor.

Up to now, PCBCart layout team are capable of dealing with flex-rigid PCB layout with 20 layers at most. Apart from above PCB types, PCBCart layout team also provides professional layout service on high-speed PCB and high-frequency PCB design, analog, digital and analog-digital signal arrangement etc.

Additionally, PCBCart engineers have been experts in reducing EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) and reaching optimal EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) of the whole circuit to finally obtain high quality and reliability of products. For other advanced PCB layout capabilities and more information, contact us at [email protected].

HDI, Flex-Rigid, High Speed/Frequency PCB EMI defeating, EMC achievement

PCB Layout


RF&Analog-Digital Circuits Impedance control, stack up

Our Advantages

·Prolific + Professional PCB Layout Engineers

Up to now, all the engineers in PCBCart layout team own at least 5 years’ experience in PCB board design industry, capable of completing PCB design effectively and efficiently. Therefore, they are able to be aware of customers’ demands accurately. As a result, ordinary PCB layout can be finished within just a couple of minutes.

·Manufacturing-based PCB Layout Process

Design for Manufacturability (DFM) is possibly the biggest gap between PCB design and PCB fabrication. Even though a fabulous idea becomes specific through layout, if it cannot pass DFM check, it is still far from being practical. However, this won’t occur in PCBCart. All the details in conformity with DFM check are all available in PCB layout engineers’ brain so that their layout is surely manufacturable.

·Multiple PCB Layout Software Support

PCB layout engineers from PCBCart are able to master different PCB design software includes Altium, PADs, OrCAD, EAGLE, KiCAD, etc., in order to cater to different demands of customers around the globe.

·Non-disclosure Agreement

Customers’ intellectual property should definitely be protected from being leaked or even imitated. Owing to more than a decades’ experience in this industry, PCBCart has been fully aware of the significance of protecting customers’ intellectual properties. As a result, non-disclosure agreement has to be signed prior to your project and your idea will be extremely safe, which is also a value we’ve been sticking to.

PCB Layout Procedure

  • Data Providing

    Customers should provide schematic, netlist, package, DXF, BOM, and other design requirements.
  • First Review

    Based on design regulations, instructions and requirements together with checklists, PCB layout engineers will implement DRC to confirm whether electrical design requirements have been achieved. Then, the board layout will be officially started.
  • Customer Confirmation

    Customers should check design file to confirm whether stackup, impedance, structure, package and routing cater to original demands and requirement.
  • File Output

    PCB design file, Gerber, assembly file, stencil , structure file should be provided. Before reaching customers, DFM, QA and EMC check will be carried out in advance to maintain reliability.

For instant PCB layout services from PCBCart, contact us by calling us or sending an email to us with your tremendous ideas and rigorous requirements. Our professional engineers will surely provide you with a good beginning.

PCBCart is a one-stop PCB manufacturer offering services includes PCB layout, PCB fab, components sourcing, PCB assembly to box build, etc. Up to now, PCBCart has served more than 10,000 companies from 80 countries and regions around the world, winning a high satisfaction rate from customers.

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