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Applications and Types of PCBs for Automotive Industry

Just a few decades ago, it would be difficult to find an American car with any computer technology in it. However, slowly but surely the international car market became more sophisticated. More and more computerized systems began to sneak in, whether for core system functionality, generating service alerts or enabling safety features. Today, no new car can run without an onboard computer — and those computers need sophisticated automotive printed circuit boards to make them run.

Applications and Types of PCBs for the Automotive Industry

Because there are so many different types of electronic systems in today's cars, the types of PCBs needed for automotive electronics vary greatly. The same car may require flex PCBs, rigid PCBs and rigid-flex PCBs for different technologies. As people demand more accessories and features for their cars that are powered by electronic components, the need for automotive PCBs of varying types is only growing.

Car PCB manufacturers need to provide a wide variety of PCB options. The kinds of systems and operations that now use printed circuit boards for enhanced efficiency and safety include rear LED lights and running lights, transmission controls and comfort control units. You can also find car PCBs managing engines, entertainment systems, digital displays, radar, GPS, power relays timing systems, mirror controls and a lot more.

Not only do automotive circuit board manufacturers need to offer a variety of types of PCBs, but those who manufacture, assemble and ship printed circuit boards for the car industry must also be able to supply boards with the types of materials that can stand tough use and support long life cycles. This means high-temperature PCBs that allow the PCB to dissipate heat quickly, are crucial.

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PCBCart has the ability to manufacture virtually any type of printed circuit board you may need for your automotive applications. Our PCBs are ISO 9001-2008 and UL certified, so you know they are reliable, durable printed circuit boards that will last. PCBCart PCBs are also competitively priced, which is vital to running a successful automobile manufacturing operation and improving your bottom line.

No matter what type you're looking for, we are your one-stop shop for automotive printed circuit boards and beyond. We manufacture, assemble and ship all of our PCBs so you can enjoy great lead times and clear communication. Quality is crucial when it comes to automotive PCBs, and our reputation proves that PCBCart can provide you with all the quality you need in printed circuit boards. Reach us for free and no-obligation automotive PCB quote.

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