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A Brief Look At Industries Where PCBs Are Commonly Used

When considering printed circuit boards, most people immediately think of computers, but there are many industries that use PCBs. Industry applications for printed circuit boards are limitless and expanding all the time. PCBs serve countless industries, including the medical field, automotive, military and beyond. Does your next project require a printed circuit board? Here's a brief look at a variety of industries where PCBs are commonly used today.

Medical PCBs

A major supporter of printed circuit board applications is the medical industry. Sophisticated medical devices are crucial to diagnosing diseases, providing treatment and conducting research. Some PCB uses in the medical industry include implantable devices, lab equipment and imaging equipment.

Medical PCBs are usually high-density interconnect PCBs (HDI PCBs) so they can fit in small devices like implants or monitors. Flex PCBs are also common due to size and shape restrictions of medical devices.

Computer & Business PCBs

Naturally, one of the most common PCB industries served is computers or business. PCBs appear in desktop and laptop computers as well as in virtually every office machine a business is likely to use. Computers often use rigid PCBs in areas vital to the devices functionality, such as the motherboard.

Automotive PCBs

Modern cars are all equipped with onboard computers that manage all of their systems, from temperature control and navigation to safety features and entertainment. Because of the safety element involved in PCB applications for the automotive industry, automotive PCBs must be extremely reliable. PCBs serving automotive industries are frequently flex PCBs. These tend to be smaller with lighter weight, and more resistant to vibration.

Military & Defense PCBs

The safety and reliability requirements for automotive PCBs are magnified when it comes to military defense applications. The military may use PCBs for vehicles, networked computers and defense applications. All of these require the highest level of security and reliability to protect military personnel and national security.

Telecommunications PCBs

Circuit boards are common in the telecommunications industry, they are applied in LED displays, high-frequency amplifiers and filtering devices.

PCBCart Offers Advanced PCB Manufacturing Service Meeting Requirements of All Industries

PCBs play a major role in virtually every industry in the modern world. At PCBCart, we support a variety of industries by offering high-quality PCB manufacturing and assembly for any business's unique needs. To learn more about the industries that use printed circuit boards, visit the pages above. If you are in need of an industry-specific PCB for your next project, reach us for free PCB quote.

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