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Squarp Instruments: "After several tests, we choose PCBcart as our unique PCB + assembly supplier"

Customer Profile

Customer Name: Squarp Instruments
Company Location: Paris, France
Cooperation Duration: Dec., 2017 up to now
Application: Pyramid series and Hermod series products
Industry: Art (Music)
Ordered Service: PCB prototype, PCB fabrication, turnkey assembly

Squarp Instrument is run by its 3 founders since 2013, dreaming up the musical interfaces of tomorrow. Located in Paris, France, Squarp Instruments brings together passionate engineers, designers and musicians to develop and craft avant-garde machines intended for professional and amateur artists. Its main goal is to facilitate the creative process by pushing back the boundaries of machines, from high level production to live performing, whatever your musical affinities are.


Since its founding, Squarp Instruments has been focusing on providing professional, robust and high-reliability products with long shelf life to be compatible with the requirement of studio sessions or outdoor live shows. Products’ performance always tops their list of concerns. They are very cautious of picking PCB suppliers.

Before submitting first project to PCBCart, Jean Prieur, co-founder of Squarp Instruments, visited PCBCart headquarter and one of its plants in Hangzhou, China. Jean was extremely impressed by its electronics manufacturing standard, service efficiency and quality, he decided to choose PCBCart as Squarp Instruments’s unique PCB and assembly service supplier at once. The cooperation started from then on, now Squarp Instruments orders approximately 4 times a year. It is one of the companies featuring constant and smooth cooperation with PCBCart, and also one of those ordering full-range services from PCBCart, including PCB prototype, PCB fabrication and full turnkey assembly.

Squarp Instruments’s Technique and Parameter Requirements

Over the last 22 months, Squarp Instruments has submitted a couple of projects containing different parameters and technique requirement to PCBCart, all of them were successfully completed. One of those projects is demonstrated as a sample in the following table. For this project, Squarp Instruments ordered turnkey PCB assembly service, covering PCB fabrication, components sourcing, and PCB assembly.

The specific capabilities are summarized in the following table.

Assembly Technique Parameter
PCB Size 107.9mm×127.5mm
Inspection Standard IPC 2
Minimum Hole 0.2mm
PCB Thickness 1.6mm
Copper Weight 35um
Surface Finish ENIG (ROHS)
Solder Mask Both sides
Single/Double Side Double side
Component Type 52
Assembly Type SMT & THT
SMD Quantity 206
SMD Solder Ball Quantity 702
THT Quantity 27
THT Solder Ball Quantity 121
Minimum Package 0603
Depanelization Yes

Result and Customer Testimonial

According to Squarp Instruments, they obtain excellent feedback from their customers due to excellent performance of products. Although it’s impossible to show the product’s sale improvement, it is understandably easy to interpret Squarp Instruments’ over-and-over-again order from PCBCart with quantity rising and projects enriching. It’s Squarp Instruments’ reaction towards PCBCart that demonstrates the latter is reliable in terms of product quality and service.

Squarp Instruments choose PCBCart as their unique PCB Manufacturing and Assembly service supplier | PCBCart Case Studies

Our company design electronic musical instruments. Our customers needs professional, robust, high reliability products, as they can use the instruments everyday and for years, in different situations like studio sessions or outdoor live shows. After several tests, we choose PCBcart as our unique PCB + assembly supplier. The quality of assembly is always perfect as they check every single boards. Even for prototyping, the free DFM check is very handy and reassuring. Finally, the online service works great, so the production delay can be really fast, whatever the quantity ordered.

Jean Prieur, Co-founder of Squarp Instruments

PCBCart: Your Destination for High-Reliability Yet Low-Cost PCBs and PCBAs

One-stop electronics assembly service provided by PCBCart covers PCB Fabrication, components sourcing and PCB assembly. Sticking to high quality, high efficiency and low cost, PCBCart has been serving one-stop electronics assembly service for more than a decade since its establishment in 2005.

By allowing PCBCart to supply one stop PCB and Assembly services, thousands of enterprise get state-of-the-art quality PCBs and PCBAs, shorten time-to-market while reduce overall production costs and investment. Got a project ready for prototype or production? Check out PCBCart’s turnkey PCB Assembly service & request a FREE quote today! 

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