Low-Volume High Mix PCB Assembly

Low-Volume High Mix PCB Assembly

Require small volume custom circuit boards to be assembled with multiple requirements in terms of component packages, component specifications, assembly technologies, levels of density etc? PCBCart has the capacity to meet your low-volume, high mix PCB assembly/production requirements while guarantee high quality and competitive pricing. We have multiple assembly lines, and are capable of changing over product requirements and modifying assembly lines within such a short time that production efficiency and throughput cycles will be increased.

We pay as close attention to low-volume Assembly runs as we do on larger projects. Our in-house quality assurance department will go to great lengths to ensure your PCBs meet your lofty quality and performance standards. We even take extra methods to ensure quality of all of our PCB services.

We Offer Complete Turnkey Low-Volume Assembly Services

Unlike many of our competitors, we can handle every aspect of your project, including PCB component procurement, fabrication and assembly, typically at a much lower cost than you will find anywhere in the United States or Europe. As a single-source PCB manufacturing entity, we can save you the time and hassle of having to locate and deal with multiple suppliers.

Quality PCB Testing

To ensure our printed circuit boards meet your high performance and quality expectations, we perform a free Design for Manufacturability (DFM) check to detect any issues that could negatively impact the low-volume PCB fabrication process, then conduct function testing based on your specific requirements. Additionally, we can build a PCB prototype for function testing purposes if needed.

Attentive Customer Support during Every Phase of Your Project

We're proud of our high level customer service responsiveness. We've achieved an impressive on-time record that many large firms are unable to replicate. We also have no minimum cost requirements, which is an extremely important consideration for low-volume PCB assembly projects. And our world-class customer support team is available to answer your questions and address your concerns. All of these have helped us to achieve a remarkable 99-percent customer satisfaction rating.

We're Always Ready to Discuss Your PCB Assembly Project

For more information of our low-volume PCB assembly services and how you can benefit , please reach us by email or online chat. If your PCBA project has any specific custom project requirements, our engineers are available to discuss at tech@pcbcart.com.

Wanna a custom quotation for your low volume PCB assembly project? Feel free to click below buttom to get an instant labor cost for assembling your circuit boards. Or, you can directly send your PCB design file, BOM & requirements to sales@pcbcart.com. We'll quote within 1-2 working days.

Get PCB Assembly Quotation Now

Before you send those files, please read our Preorder Checklist to make sure your PCB design file has everything we need. We recommend you download our BOM template, and fill in your required electronic components info accordingly. It would help shorten the time of quotation.

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