Components Sourcing

Components Sourcing Service

With our PCB Assembly business expanding, we added comprehensive Components Sourcing services to improve our Pick and Place PCB production line efficiency, enable clients more time for project engineering and designing. Our Components Sourcing services consist of two options:

  • • We help purchase components from our quality-driven component procurement system.
  • • We help purchase components from client recommended channels.

With over ten years' experience in terms of PCB making and assembly, we have established strong cooperative relationship with those reliable component suppliers and manufacturers. To guarantee durability, quality and performance of components, we purchase only from renowned vendors, high-quality component manufacturers and authorized component distributors around the world including Digi-Key, Mouser Electronics, Arrow Electronics, Avnet, TTI, etc. We would recommend clients to pick up the first Components Sourcing service option since it gives us 100% control on components quality and performance.

For any client who has suggested distributors, we will purchase components from those distributors. NO substitutions will be made without clients' approval. Hence, you can totally rely on us for components sourcing needs.

How to Get a Free Quotation of Components Sourcing

Want a free quotation for your components sourcing? Please send a quote request directly to along with the complete BOM and all special requirements. We'll quote within 1 or 2 working days.

Usually, it takes around one week to finish components sourcing from the date the parts are ordered to the date the parts are obtained. Based on the difficulty degree of components procurement, lead time is different with the shortest lead time of only 5 days.

How to Create a Complete BOM

BOM, short for bill of materials, is a comprehensive list of raw materials, items, assemblies and sub-assemblies, components etc. for product manufacturing. We require a complete BOM file to procure the exact components clients required. For more basic information and guidelines on BOM creating, please refer to Tips of Creating a BOM.

Here at PCBCart, we have a BOM template. For custom components sourcing quotation, we recommend clients to fill in required components info in our BOM template, as we can save much time on components checking and quotation.

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