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Halogen-Free PCB

Brief Introduction on Halogen-free PCB

There is an increasing demand for environmentally friendly electronic products including electronic circuit boards. Halogenated compounds have been targeted for reduction and eventual elimination. As such, halogen-free PCBs are becoming more and more popular because they are constructed of materials that are free of halogen. The dielectric constant, dissipation factor and moisture diffusivity of materials that are described as halogen-free are different from those employed in traditional printed circuit boards. Hence, if the product you're engaged in requires to be environmental-friendly, Halogen-free PCBs will be your ideal choices.

Halogen-free PCB Manufacturing Service from PCBCart

As an ISO9001:2000 registered company, we're one of the most renowned PCB manufacturers in China making a concerted effort to fabricate environmentally friendly custom PCBs that alleviate clients' concerns. Commonly used substrates for Halogen-free PCB are S1155 (FR4) and S1165 (FR4), the following table lists some parameters of those substrates:

Material TG
(DSC, °C)
(Wt, °C)
S1155(FR4) 140 380 41 60 60
S1165(FR4) 170 360 40 60 15

We offer some advanced features for Halogen-free PCB manufacturing service, please refer to below table for comprehensive capabilities:

Features Capability
Quality Grade Standard IPC 2
Number of Layers 2 - 24layers
Order Quantity 1pc - 10000+pcs
Build Time 2days - 5weeks
Material S1150G, S1165
Board Size Min 6*6mm | Max 457*610mm
Board Thickness 0.4mm - 6.5mm
Copper Weight (Finished) 0.5oz - 2.0oz
Min Tracing/Spacing 3mil/3mil
Solder Mask Sides As per the file
Solder Mask Color Green, White, Blue, Black, Red, Yellow
Silkscreen Sides As per the file
Silkscreen Color White, Black, Yellow
Surface Finish HASL - Hot Air Solder Leveling
Lead Free HASL - RoHS
ENIG - Electroless Nickle/Immersion Gold - RoHS
Immersion Silver - RoHS
Immersion Tin - RoHS
OSP - Organic Solderability Preservatives - RoHS
Min Annular Ring 4mil
Min Drilling Hole Diameter 6mil
Other Techniques Gold fingers
Blind/Buried Vias

How to Get a Free Quotation of Halogen-free PCB

Just email your custom PCB design file and requirements to, we'll check your design and give the quotation very soon.

If you have any question or concern on our Halogen-free PCB capabilities, or your custom circuit required spec is not listed in the above table, our engineers can be reached at

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